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Десятый. Юбилейный. 30–31 марта 2019

Google+, A Deep Dive into Mobile Testing

Mobile, mobile, mobile, everything is about mobile these days, however testing native apps in a meaningful, stable and scalable way is still a challenge, even for Google. Why is testing mobile difficult? Different platforms, various os versions, and multiple hardwares are some of the factors that make mobile testing complex and challenging.

At Google+ we have had our own dosis of trial and error regarding mobile testing, but we believe that we have developed efficient solutions to tackle the complex test scenarios that mobile presents. We have done this by building the right test infrastructure and test strategies for both iOS and Android native apps, which has provided our development team the confidence that new changes won't break existing mobile clients and that new releases are well tested. The nature of such infrastructure and strategies go beyond the scope of the traditional testing approaches, by involving core mobile components. Some examples are: how to create an effective test environment for testing mobile apps, how do we test for “feature” leaks, what is right the balance between emulators/simulators versus real devices in a test environment, how to provide hermetism to mobile tests, and how do we prevent breakages between server and mobile clients. The seare just a few of the challenges we have faced test ing Google+ mobile apps that we would like to share with the testing community.

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