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Десятый. Юбилейный. 30–31 марта 2019

iOS Theming Engine

In the eBay classifieds global team Ruotger is developing 10 apps for 9 countries (AR, UK, AU, US, CA, 2x IT, TW, ZA, IE) which all are built from the same source code. He specialized in theming those apps for the different regions and moving from iOS 6 to iOS 7 design. In his speech at CodeFest Ruotger will talk about the challenges involved in supporting so many countries in general and about theming engine he and his team has built to support different look of this apps.

  • Who am I, who is the group at eBay I’m working with;
  • Our challenge: 10 apps for 9 countries and the switch from iOS 6 to iOS 7;
  • UIAppearance to the rescue;
  • Theming from a technical perspective VS. a design perspective;
  • Theming engine approach;
  • Lessons learned;
  • QA;


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