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Angry Birds Success Story

Angry Birds is most popular game in the world. As I understand,founders and developers of Rovio had take many attempts in the past tocreate a truly popular game and Angry Birds is exciting result of these attempts. But what were these attempts, how many of them were, and how did Rovio team realized that the game about angry birds - is exactly what millions of people really needs.

When Rovio was born, it was a different time. Mobile gaming was very different from both the developers’ and gamers’ point of view. Mobile game developers had to go through individual operators or other companies to get their game published, but now - to simplify things a bit - it’s enough to contact Apple and Google to get your game out there yourself.

The original Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52nd game. It started with a concept image of angry looking birds and some colourful blocks, and that image caught everyone’s imagination. There was a definite ownership of that project in the company, and a lot of ambition, polish and work was put to make the game as engaging and fun to play as possible. What set Angry Birds apart from a lot of competition was the combination of polished and engaging gameplay, fun and memorable characters, and that it was made from ground up to be played on a touch screen. When the developers and their family members and friends started getting hooked to the game, it started to become clear that it was something special.


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