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Десятый. Юбилейный. 30–31 марта 2019

Panel: Future of games

How do you think, what games will be popular in future (5-10-20-30 years)? How will they differ from those games that are popular right now? What will the differences - format or form factors of gadgets, game stories, characters, something else?

When thinking about the future of gaming, it’s important to remember that right now we might be a year from some innovation that will change the field of gaming as we know it - something like what touchscreen smartphones did to mobile gaming. There are some educated assessments we can make, like the gaming becoming even more ubiquitous and crossing over to the physical world.

A single game published on a single platform will live for a number of weeks and then fade away, but good stories and powerful brands can span across time and different technologies, even those that haven’t been invented yet. Rovio is not building properties for three weeks, but for 300 years. Rovio Entertainment is essentially in the storytelling business. We create stories that can live in many forms: in mobile games, console games, animation, toys, books and whatever the future has in store. When it comes to games, we want them to have longevity and to offer our fans real value for their money. We don’t want to publish one title after another, have them spend a few weeks in the top of the charts, and then fade away. We are still publishing new content for the original Angry Birds game, and the fans are still coming back to it.


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